10am Silver City Theatre, Tillicum Centre, 3130 Tillicum Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 6T2



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First to arrive and last to leave, the setup team is responsible for most of the work done around the church. 7:45am getting items out of storage and into place, then reversing the process after service, so we are packed back in by noon.


Sound Tech

Sound Tech - 8:00am arrival to assist worship team with set-up and run the sound board. You probably need some musical background to recognize sound mixing requirements. Then help with the breakdown after service.


Visual Tech

Visual Tech - Learn to input information and slides into the computer and keep them changed correctly during the service. 8:30 arrival.



Greeter - Meet and coordinate with other greeters at 9:20am, pray together, and greet people (particularly newcomers) before and after service.



Facilitate offering during service, debit machine before and after service and counting/recording totals with a partner. 9:30 arrival, plus 30 minutes after service.


Nursery and Elementary Helpers

9:20 arrival to set-up rooms for children, contributing to a positive safe space for children 0-4 and 5-10 to learn and enjoy their church experience. clean-up after service.



The music team practices weekly. We encourage new musicians to practice with the team for a season to learn music. Leaders are then tasked to include new members at appropriate skill level.


Coffee Table

8:50 arrival, set up coffee and hot water for tea as well as baked goods, so that it is ready by 9:35am, then clean up after service.