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Resources for Discipleship

All our discipleship groups involve the three basic elements:

  1. 3-5 men or women (to help with ease of scheduling, conversations to happen in a smaller group setting)
  2. Short term commitment (so people can feel free to multiply groups, add new people to groups, or try another group.)
  3. Regular meetings for Bible study and prayer-for our loved ones and those we want to consider Christ (Balancing an inward and outward focus)

Lighthouse discipleship groups are organized by members and may use various curriculums and bible book studies.

We also offer the following sets of curriculums for new groups.


3 Studies for Discipleship Groups


Discovery Bible Study Series

Get to know the whole Bible.

This is a popular text-based series used all over the world. It covers the main story of the Bible from "Creation to Christ". It's perfect study for any mix of group from those who are very new to the Bible to those who are avid readers of scripture. With the use of 4 simple repeated questions each group is helped to navigate and apply important truths to our lives.

25 Text Study

Gospel Centered Living

Learning to apply the gospel to all of life

“By focusing our attention on the grace of God shown to us in the gospel, everyday problems and experiences, familiar to Christians everywhere, can be transformed as the cross of Christ becomes the motive and measure of everything we do.” Ordinary lives become extraordinary when they reflect the glory and character of Jesus Christ."

Be transformed by the Gospel


Theology for Life

Knowing God changes everything

We all have a theology or a view of God but is it right, is it powerful, is it changing us? The hope with doing work on our theology is that it changes our lives as we grow to worship and value God more than anything else.

Theology for Life


Goals for Discipleship Groups

Changed lives: Personal application of the Gospel that strengthens faith and changes us from the inside out.

Growth in Prayer: A group goes from simple conversations, to a few praying, then all trying. Special emphasis on kingdom prayer: praying for people in your life to meet God

New Facilitators: rotating discussion leaders allows participants to feel able to start new groups relatively quickly.

Multiplication: as each term ends, new groups may develop with new people