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Lighthouse Courses


Lighthouse Courses, Classes and Lunches


Welcome Lunch

(not exactly may 3rd!) BUT If you are new to Lighthouse Church keep an eye out for the next "Welcome Lunch." They are offered every few months after a church service. It's a great way to get to know the church, the staff, and others new to the church.


Lighthouse Course for Membership

Membership is an important aspect of our church. This course is a way for those interested in learning more about what we believe as a church, how we function, and where we trust the Lord is taking our community. It is a helpful time for learning more about us but also used to help people consider if they are ready to become members.


Let's Do Lunch

We host roughly 8 Sunday training lunches a year. Each lasts around an hour long. These meetings are great for connecting as a congregation but also offer robust training in gospel mission. Upcoming Topics: Living His Mission - First Steps Living his Mission - Next Step Valuing Jesus

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