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Finding your Mission Group Focus

Finding Your Mission Group’s Focus

Mission Community Groups are all about joining a mission bigger than ourselves. This document helps teams of people at Lighthouse discover a mission for their group in one of three ways.


A community group focused on “common relationships”.

We all have a group of people that we care about in our lives. A community group of friends from Lighthouse might be formed to purposefully connect these very people together so that one day they might know Jesus.

  1. Take some time to write down the names of three to five or maybe even ten not yet believers that God has placed in your lives.
  2. Begin praying specifically for God through the power of the Spirt to draw them to his salvation, and to use you to share something of the gospel with them.
  3. Identify how you might most effectively share the gospel of Jesus with the people you identified above.
  4. Develop regular ways to connect with people you are praying for together. (examples: calendar of parties, service work, celebrations & holiday events)


A community group focused on “a need”   

Victoria is filled with needs. Relational brokenness, mental health needs, poverty concerns, and holes in the education system are just a number of ways we see the effects of the fall on our world. As a community group centred on the gospel we know that Jesus has called us to live as a community that reflects that gospel in our world.

A community group can choose to focus on a specific area of need and begin to address it through service and community based outreach.

  1. What is happening in our city that makes you sad, frustrated?
  2. What are areas of need in our city that come to your mind as places you could see yourself serving in?
  3. What ministries, volunteer organizations are already serving this need but may have a place for a community group of Lighthouse to partner?
  4. How much time should we commit to giving on a regular basis to meeting this need?


A community group based on “a place”.

Think through the context of where you live, work and play. Each of these areas of life could be seen as “a neighbourhood”.  We trust that God has put each of us in a sphere of influence where you can begin to speak intentionally about God’s character, the broken parts of our lives and Jesus’ provision.

  1. Where do you live, work and play?
  2. What regular functions/meals/parties/social events would help connect with this neighbourhood?
  3. How regular should these events be?
  4. What should take place at these events?