10am Silver City Theatre, Tillicum Centre, 3130 Tillicum Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 6T2

Children’s Ministry


Welcome to Lighthouse Children's Ministry!

Our Children’s Ministry is very happy to welcome your children to our Nursery and Elementary programs. Your little ones are a BIG part of the church. We want to do our best to serve them and serve you as the parent. As parents ourselves, we know how important it is to have a safe and secure environment that encourages fun learning!


Our Purpose

To introduce your children to God, as he has revealed himself in the Bible. Those who teach your children love this God, and have a personal relationship with him. We share about him in a relational way, acknowledging and respecting the vast diversity of belief backgrounds and points of spiritual journey that each child (and parent) comes to this church with. They should feel welcome to come as they are with wiggles and all, to play and learn, to question and discover each week.



The curriculum we are using is called “The Gospel Project.” It prioritizes walking children through God’s story: assisting them to know fully who their Father God is, drawing their hearts to desire and delight in the Saviour Jesus, and inviting them to responding in worship and obedience through the power of the Holy Spirit… from Genesis to Revelation.


Program Schedule

Elementary children join the congregation from 10am for the first half of service (for songs and announcements), and are dismissed for the sermon portion. Of course, if it is your preference, you are welcome to keep them in the service with you! 



Nursery care is provided from 10am to the end of the service. You may check your child in and out as needed at any time, or stay in with them.

It is our hope that both you and your child will review what you learn in church at home, so that you can share the things of God with each other and all those around you throughout the week. Colouring pages with Scripture reference and at-home activities and questions are sent home with the children for this purpose.