10am Silver City Theatre, Tillicum Centre, 3130 Tillicum Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 6T2

About Lighthouse Church

We want to see people love the gospel, love God’s mission in the city and love the church. We do this by continuing to grasp the value of Jesus above all things as we live out his mission in all things.


We measure the success of Lighthouse Church in two ways: loving gospel community and living gospel mission. The radical gospel hope of our gracious God saving us from our sin through Jesus is the inner transforming power which makes Lighthouse a loving community. We believe its possible to see real change in each and every person that participates in the life and community of Lighthouse. But this lasting change only comes by each of us more and more valuing Jesus and his grace.

Secondly, we don't want simply to do church-y or religious actions that lead to busy lives rather we want to be a people that  intentionally follow Jesus who sends us into our everyday life. We believe our city and island can be transformed as we work to develop churches filled with people who take seriously their call to help others know Jesus like they do in the everyday opportunities of life using the simple means of prayer, loving gospel conversations and actions, within faithful community.



Life on Mission

We want to see our church glorifying God throughout our regular 7-days-a-week life. Daily Mission encompasses the everyday rhythms and responsibilities around us. At Lighthouse we give special attention to seeing how the joy of the gospel motivates us to live Christ-like love for our family, friends, and neighbours.

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Community Groups

BONFIRE – Community Groups: Lighthouse does not focus simply on a weekend gathering or on you individually. We want to makes disciples of Jesus in community and as communities – helping each other, depending on one another, and serving in our city together. Community Groups are a collection of both Christians and those exploring Christianity, living for a season as a community to value Jesus and live out His mission within a neighbourhood, need, or network.

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Sunday Gatherings

STAGE-LIGHT – Sunday Gatherings: We publicly place Jesus on centre stage in our lives and community. We love our times of worship, as we sing, hear the Bible preached, have children’s ministry, take offerings, celebrate the Lord’s Supper and Baptisms, as well as host potluck dinners. Each week we trust God will meet and change us as we gather in a very purposeful way to bring the gospel to us and our city.

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Denomination, Doctrines, Beliefs

It's hard to summarize quickly. We will say we are a Gospel centred, Bible believing, Evangelical, Reformed, Presbyterian, Missional - church. We are very thankful for not being alone as a church. God has provided us a home in the small but strong, historic evangelical denomination - Presbyterian Church in (North) America. We are also grateful for our network partners C2C and the Grace Network.

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