SUNDAY WORSHIP

Like a stage light our Sunday evening gatherings are the moment when Lighthouse Church places our full attention on Jesus and his grace. Each week at 10am we gather to proclaim the good news of Jesus to our city and our own hearts. These gatherings are a great place to grow in faith and begin to connect to the church. Our gatherings include a children’s ministry.

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                 DOING LIFE TOGETHER

Like the warm light of a bonfire Lighthouse church is committed to developing the strength of our church in the normal everyday  life of friendly relationships. Lighthouse community groups are the way we as a church help one another in discipleship instead of going the Christian life alone. As multiple community groups across our city many people can develop in their faith as well as share the gospel in tangible ways with their shared connections of friends, coworkers, and family. We endeavor as a church to see everyone involved in a type of community group. 

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                  LIFE ON MISSION

Like a candle each disciple of Christ involved in Lighthouse Church is a small light that makes a great difference in a darkened room! We are committed to living as missionaries right where God has placed us. We desire to help develop everyone in our congregation in their knowledge, love, and value of Jesus so that they will more and more reveal God’s glory to their world. We invite you to ask this question: What kind of person will I become as God’s world-wide mission of grace takes over my life?  We offer courses on subjects like scripture, faith, prayer, and missional living which are meant to be next steps in growing in our candle-like mission.

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